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Isy B. Inspirations: Finding and Engaging With Your Passion (Especially When You Don’t Have Time!)

Isy B. Inspirations: Finding and Engaging With Your Passion (Especially When You Don’t Have Time!)

Passion?! Who has time for that?!  Most days, the idea that I can take time out of my day-to-day busyness to think about what lights me up can feel laughable as I... Read More
artist Cera-Tan

Delving into her true creative power - A conversation with artist Cera-Tan

I was privileged to have the opportunity to collaborate with Cayman-based South African Artist Cera-Tan on an artwork that, happily, was selected to be exhibited at the 3rd Cayman Islands... Read More
what to wear to a tropical wedding

What to Wear to a Tropical Wedding: Dressing for a Beach Wedding

Tropical beach weddings are a romantic dream come true for many couples. There is magic in making vows to love and cherish each other in a breathtaking location surrounded by... Read More
show us your isy b 2023 winner - jo

Isy B. Inspirations: Magic Happens When You Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I learned several really valuable lessons from Jo Yarnall, the winner of our 2022 Show Us Your Isy B. contest. She’d never had a professional photoshoot before, but, despite being... Read More
Isy B. on the beach at Grand Cayman

21 Non Touristy Things to Do in Grand Cayman in 2023

Hi! I’m Isy B. I’m a designer in the Cayman Islands and I love using our beautiful Islands as inspirations for my designs. One of my other favourite things to... Read More
isy b community

Isy B. Inspirations: Celebrating who we are as women

With International Women’s Day happening this month, I’ve been thinking about what it means to be a woman.  Yes, it's getting a little deep I know, but please bear with... Read More
isy b journal

Isy B. Inspirations: I Figured Out the Secret to Having An Amazing Valentine’s

I used to get irritated by Valentine’s Day (I know, bah humbug etc!) It’s taken a little change of perspective to make me realize the value of a day given over... Read More
Sailing Trip Checklist: What to Wear on a Sailboat (+PDF)

Sailing Trip Checklist: What to Wear on a Sailboat (+PDF)

Ahoy there! Looking for the perfect sailing trip checklist to help you navigate through planning your Caribbean sailing holiday? This is our quick guide to packing your sailing trip essentials,... Read More
caribbean swimwear designers

Caribbean Swimwear Designers to Check Out This Summer (2023)

All excited for your Caribbean beach vacation? Clear blue water, white sand, and endless cocktails on your lounger? Get into the Caribbean spirit as you plan your vacation packing (and... Read More
isy b in colombia wearing isy b

Isy B. Inspirations: Reinventions and New Beginnings

2023 came in with a bang with an amazingly inspirational tour of Colombia with good friends. Colombia is quite possibly the most colorful country I have ever been to and... Read More

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