About Isy B.


Created With Heart & Soul & Spirit

Welcome to Isy B.! I'm excited to share the work I love with you.
I come from a powerful lineage of creative women -  my love of design was inherited from my mother who was a fashion designer. It was with my mother that I learned to design clothes first for my dolls, then for myself and other women.

However, my path to Isy B. and doing the work I love wasn't all unicorns and rainbows! I rebelled against my innate creativity and chose the security of a successful career in finance. However, my soul's longing for expression and authenticity grew ever louder until I began to accept my truth. So began a long journey of self discovery, self understanding, and the colorful story of Isy B.

Now, my design aesthetic is inspired by a combination of influences – I love exploring the natural world, the experience of travel, my multi-cultural background, and artistic expression in all forms. I am also an intuitive and I channel this into my designs. I'm grateful to receive much of my inspiration through my connection with Spirit and am often awestruck at the love and loveliness that comes through. 

I use the medium of intuitive storytelling and folktales as the inspiration for creating the prints for my designs, and the designs carry the messages of the stories.

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A Transformational Reminder of Who You Truly Are

To me, there is a distinct energetic difference between clothing that we wear that activates that sense of amazingness within us versus clothing as a patina; something that covers up the parts of ourselves that we don't want to be seen.

My purpose is to create pieces that evoke a sense of the miracle that you are, a deep knowing inside yourself that you are amazing, without needing validation from the rest of the world. The intention behind my designs is as a reminder of the deepest truth of who you really are, beyond any labels, and stories that you have accepted about yourself. You, at your very best!

Isy B. is a transmission, and that's the energy that I feel when I'm creating the pieces. That's the energy you can feel in the stories, colours, prints and the designs. Isy B. is not for hiding or blending in. Each piece is as beautiful and unique as you are and has been created in the spirit of beauty, always with you in mind.

This transformation is the essence of my work. Creating beautiful things that connect you back to your beauty, and back to your heart.


The core of every collection I create is rooted in elegance, effortlessness and feeling good. I design using the harmony and flow of individual elements in the colours, prints and shapes that speak to the beauty that is inherent in each of us.

Each special Isy B. creation has been lovingly designed in my studio in the Cayman and has been thoughtfully crafted from the finest materials available, working with those who share my vision, and passion for the pieces I create.


"...One of the top Caribbean Brands to Watch" ~ Caribbean Journal

Designer Isy Obi is the Founder of Isy B., the award-winning fashion brand from the Cayman Islands. Since its launch, the brand has garnered an impressive list of successes in the Caribbean and internationally including 'Lifestyle Designer of the Year' at Phoenix Fashion Week in the USA.

In 2019 designer Isy B. was honored to receive the prestigious bronze star for creativity from the Cayman Islands National Arts and Culture Committee after the success of her 3-month ART OF FASHION exhibition in commissioned by the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.