Mineral Magic 2019

I received my first healing crystal, a piece of citrine, from one of my first teachers when I was about 14 years old, and have been obsessed with crystals and gemstones ever since. In the Isy B. studio in the Cayman Islands there are over 100 stones given to me as gifts and collected from my travels. They’re on practically every surface!

I love the metaphysical magic of crystals. They contain an indelible imprint of the earth’s ancient energies and I believe that they are transmitters and storers of information that can be recognized by our primal selves, serving as a trigger for deeper knowledge and healing within us.

They remind me to appreciate the beauty of the earth that is always with us, grounding me when I feel out of balance and reminding me that I am more than I think I am.

My intention and challenge with Mineral Magic was to channel the essence of the feelings I experience around crystals into each Isy B. piece in the collection. I hope it awakens the knowledge of the grace, bliss, courage and freedom that lives within us all.