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New Storyteller Collections

Queen & Orchid

New Storyteller Collections

Queen & Orchid

Why we love Isy B.

Check out our real clients sharing their Isy B. Moments. #ShowUsYourIsyB

" Just to show Isy B.’s designs are not just for models but for all women. The designs have given us strength and confidence to believe we can look good the way we are. "

Josephine Linton

" My favourite purchase of 2023! I went to happy hour on Friday wearing this amazing kimono from Isy B. Design and so many people commented on it. "

Jo Yarnall

" What I love about this piece is the variety of colours (sooo many options to mix/match), making it oh so versatile and a travel staple. I also like how gorgeously light the fabric is. "

Tamara Kirshbaum

" Wearing Isy B.’s bathing suit makes me feel so happy. Isy B.’s bold colours sing out with joyful abandon and playful spirit. The fabric is very soft and the simple design makes swimming in it very comfortable. Until now, I have veered towards quiet, black bathing suits but no more. Isy B. has given me a brighter, more positive outlook on my beachwear! "

Daniela Tiger

About the Isy B Brand

Isy B. is the award-winning lifestyle and resort brand from the Cayman Islands offering vibrant apparel and accessories created with wonder-filled prints and infused with our signature tropical twist.

We create unique clothing and lifestyle accessories that uplift and inspire you.

We believe in meaningful pieces that connect women to their individual beauty and power, and we believe that all women, regardless of size or age, deserve to feel special, effortlessly fabulous, comfortable, and confident.

With love. Always.