The Art of Isy B.

Isy B. is a multi-disciplinary creative who expresses her vision through visual art, design, and storytelling. She uses her art and designs to explore her multicultural Caymanian, British, and Nigerian background and to share the stories of each place. 

The Isy B. brand is a vehicle for the artist's imagination and intuition to play, explore, and connect through the creation of wearable art.

Every piece in its collections is alive with the magic and inspiration of Isy B.'s inner world and infused with her artistry and spirituality. This unique approach makes each collection a unique multi-sensory experience.

Welcome to the magical world of Isy B.

Print Artwork

Each textile print begins life as the artist’s hand-drawn artwork, influenced by her multicultural background and rich with symbols and motifs drawn from her intuition to visually bring her magical folktales to life.



Isy B.’s short stories are at the heart of the Isy B. brand. She writes and narrates whimsical island folktales drawn from her imagination that convey potent messages and universal truths in the tradition of wisdom stories that bind us as human beings regardless of our individual cultures or beliefs. 




Isy B.’s work is part of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands' collections and featured in the NGCI exhibition The Art of Fashion in 2018. The artist’s work was also selected for the Cayman Islands Biennial in 2021 and 2023.
Isy B. is a recipient of the Star for Creativity, Bronze Award from the Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

Fashion as Art

As a multi-award-winning fashion designer, Isy B.'s work has graced runways and red carpets worldwide. She has an innate understanding of the aesthetic and emotional language of clothes, and enjoys fashion as another medium for her artistic expression.