Butterfly, Mekaya & Una


Wisdom. Courage. Self-belief. And a sprinkle of magic. Each of the prints from the Storyteller Collection takes you deep into Isy B.’s world, and follows the stories of three Caymanian folktales, adapted by the designer and narrated by local artist Nasaria Suckoo-Cholette. Each print starts with a hand drawn concept inspired by its story and develops from there. For me, combining storytelling and design results in a creation that is completely unique, influenced purely by my imagination. 

How the butterflies got their colour - A story about the metamorphoses of a beautiful butterfly that will inspire you to be confident in your own skin.

Mekaya’s song -The tale of a young musician who overcomes adversity, reminding you that you, too, can emerge from difficulties stronger than before.

Una’s wish - An enchanting fable about embracing imperfection—a self-discovery on how our individual traits are what make us unique.

Listen to the audio recordings of the fables here, watch the inspiration behind the collection here and shop the looks.