Responsible Style

Isy B. is a responsible business. We are committed to business practices that help reduce waste and minimize our environmental impact. We produce our collections in small quantities, and as limited production runs. This means that we produce what we need only as we need it to avoid overproduction, excess stock, and waste. We donate excess materials to local schools to be used in their art and textile projects.

Timeless Designs Beyond Trends

To further support our low-waste approach, we produce just one collection a year, and each collection is designed to be timeless, lasting for multiple seasons. We firmly believe in meaningful, timeless fashion over fast fashion and encourage our customers to invest in high-quality pieces that last and stand the test of time. We believe that using quality materials in manufacturing contributes to the long-term aesthetic appeal and prolonged use of the products, contrasting with the fast fashion industry.



We continue to explore new technologies to integrate recycled options wherever feasible in our manufacturing process. Additionally, we believe in establishing close connections with the factories we work with, building accountable relationships to ensure that, like us, they adhere to fair labor practices and ethical codes of conduct.


The Isy B. Fund

We love the Cayman Islands and care about the world we live in. The natural beauty of these islands has been a profound source of inspiration for our Storyteller Collections. Recognizing the global environmental challenges posed by the consumer goods and clothing industry, we are dedicated to researching and adapting sustainable business practices that can minimize our ecological footprint.
At Isy B., we believe in taking responsibility for our impact and taking a community approach to preserving the Earth's natural beauty and resources. In alignment with this commitment, we have established the Isy B. Fund, a vehicle through which we aim to contribute and offset to some extent the environmental impact of our industry at the local level.
Every year, a portion of our profits finds purpose in the Isy B. Fund, supporting local groups and individuals actively involved in environmental and sustainability projects within the Cayman Islands. 
We invite eligible organizations, whether established or grassroots, with a dedicated focus on caring for the islands, to connect with us. If your project aligns with our mission and you wish to apply for assistance from the Isy B. Fund, please don't hesitate to reach out. 
Share the details of your project, and we'll eagerly consider it for support through the Isy B. Fund. You can fill up the application form and send it to us at to initiate a conversation about how we can collaborate in making a meaningful impact on the preservation of our cherished Cayman Islands.


Isy B. Fund Guidelines - Read here
Isy B. Fund Application form - Download 
To Our Dear Islands,
the Isy B. Fund