"For weeks before the idea of the collection was born, I dreamt of mermaids and found myself sketching mermaids in my idle moments and I couldn't ignore my intuition’s call.
In my research I discovered that the story of the mermaid was one that was prevalent in all cultures that have been central in my life. In Europe they were called Sirens, the indigenous Caribbean Taino knew them as Aycaiya, the incarnation of female beauty and in Africa the beautiful water spirits were known as Mami Wata. The Mermaid Collection combines my African heritage, my European upbringing and my Caribbean home in the most magical way and is a celebration of the stories that bind us across world cultures.
My intention with the Mermaid print collection was to tell the story of a girl who dreams of becoming a mermaid. In her transition from creature of the land and sun, she allows herself to evolve from the limited idea of herself into her full potential as the queen of the seas."
- With all love, Isy B.
Maxi Dress
Drawstring Pant
T-Shirt Fish Tail Dress
T-Shirt Seaweed Dress
Wrap Dress