Butterfly Accessory Bag

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An accessory bag, a clutch bag for day or night, or even a travel pouch; take our little multi-tasking marvel of a bag wherever you go. The vegan leather wrist strap adds a stylish and practical touch.

About The Storyteller Collection -  How the Butterflies got their Colour

How the Butterflies got their Colour is a limited-edition hand-drawn print design based on an original folktale from the Cayman Islands. We’re excited to share the storytelling traditions of Isy B.’s Afro-Caribbean culture through design. 

Click to listen to us tell the story of How the Butterflies got their Colour.


-Denim Lined: Indigo denim lining provides a soft structure for your accessory bag
-100% polyester textured canvas shell 
-Inside Pocket- Inner pocket in denim help you stash your smaller items.
-Brass Metal Zipper
-Vegan Leather Pull Tab Side pull tab gives you extra grip on your carry-all.