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isy b in Cayman Compass

Supporting Local Business - Isy B. featured in Cayman Compass newspaper article

Isy B. is honored to be a part of this weekend’s issue of Cayman Compass newspaper representing Cayman’s small businesses and the importance of shopping local.

Thanks to local support, we're proud that Isy B. continues to grow not only domestically, but also internationally. Cayman is at our heart and everything started here, at home, on a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea called the Cayman Islands. Of course our growth has also been made possible by all our visitors to the Cayman Islands who actively support local businesses.

This holiday season especially, please consider supporting small local businesses, because there is so much heart in what we do. 

Check out the amazing lineup of Cayman businesses in September’s issue of Cayman Compass. 

isy b in cayman compass isy b in cayman compass
isy b in cayman compass isy b in cayman compass