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Your exclusive look behind the new Isy B. collection

Your exclusive look behind the new Isy B. collection

It’s launch day at last and I’m so excited (and with some tummy butterflies) to share the new Isy B. collection with you. This new storyteller collection introduces 2 new hand-drawn prints based on my two new stories.

Adara and the cheetah
Set in a garden in Northside this is a fable about a girl who learns to hear her own inner voice in all the clamour and chaos of the voices around her true power - You might recognize her cottage as the beautiful pink historic Rankine’s House in the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park in Frank Sound.

Rankine’s House in the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park in Frank Sound

How the Islanders Learned to Dance
A story of islanders who forgot how to appreciate the wonder around them, and how they learned to see the beauty that surrounds them and return to living in joy.

They say a journey of many miles starts with a single step, and as I look back at all the thousands of steps it’s taken to get here I feel appreciation for the work and effort of my team. It’s taken about a year to go from writing the stories to illustrating the artwork to creating the designs. When I look back to the start of these stories I see strongly how the messages they contain correlate with my life and the lives of the people around me.

isy b sketches

Designing through the stories is deeply meaningful for me - not only does this process free me to create purely from my intuition but they allow me to express and share ideas that I hope can resonate with others.

It’s taken me a while to figure out the meaning and purpose I want my work to serve and I know these will evolve with time. As I get older, one of my most exhilarating life discoveries is that I (and no one else!) get to define what gives my life meaning and purpose at any point.

Everything about this collection reflects my new understanding, from the stories to the designs, even to the models I chose to work with to present the designs. Rather than standard models, I chose powerful women who inspired in me the sense of inner confidence, joy, playfulness and a spirit of self-love that reflects the collection. They reflect the type of beauty that moves me most deeply; Women who are fearless enough laugh at life and just be themselves.

Click here to enjoy and be inspired by the results of our amazing photoshoot!


Introducing the newest pieces in the collection

Reversible bikini
The Dance Reversible Bikini gives you the fun of two bikinis in one, and the freedom of changing your look according to your mood. On one side is the tropical dance and the other side is a beautiful Cayman aqua blue so have fun accessorizing your swimwear in multiple ways.

Shop the reversible bikini here.

Reversible bikiniReversible bikini

Belted kaftan dress
Your Kaftan Dress is beautifully comfortable, easy to throw on and super flattering. Wearit loose and flowing as coverup during the day, or belted as a stylish cocktail dress for dinner. Make this a part of vacation wardrobe and you’ll be ready for anything wherever in the world you find yourself.

Shop the belted kaftan dresses here.

Belted kaftan dressBelted kaftan dress

Accessory Bag with tassels
An accessory bag, a clutch bag for day or night, or even a travel pouch; take your little multi-tasking marvel of a bag wherever you go. The vegan leather wrist strap adds a stylish and practical touch.

Shop the accessory bags here.

Accessory Bag with tasselsAccessory Bag with tassels

Books I’m reading

On the meaning of life – The School of Life
I love dipping into this book when I need to re-centre myself back to what’s important for me. It’s very easy, especially during busy, stressful times (even when it’s the fun stress at Christmas) to forget what the point of it all is.


I’m celebrating all the good things in life and singing at the top of my voice in my car. It’s almost the holidays, and the collection is out!

I lived - OneRepublic

Talk about meaning! This song accurately echoes sentiments about what I hope my meaningful life will look like. It makes me want to yell "Hell yeah!" every time I hear the lyrics. LOL!

Nina Simone - Feeling good

The Brand New Heavies - Never Stop

Lady Gaga - Applause


Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling


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BONUS: Get a free Isy B. Beach Vacation Style Guide & printable packing checklist to look fabulous on the beach.