Upon the Seas - Glam Resort Inspired By A Touch of Modern Vintage

Upon the Seas - Glam Resort Inspired By A Touch of Modern Vintage

Yes, I've called new collection "Upon the Seas" and yes, it's part of the Cayman Islands motto, and yes, I can't get enough of Cayman as my inspiration. It's everywhere I look.

So, why the name? Well, there's the print for one thing. It was inspired by the colour of the water in the sunset and sunrise in Cayman and I've called it Cayman Water and it's beautiful rippling blues and whites with touches of pinks where the pinks skies reflect in the water. Imagine sailboats with brightly colored sails navigating the Cayman water at sunset. A truly modern Caribbean print.

Underlying all of the colour, the styling of the collection carries with it a faint scent of 1970's vintage glam - Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall, or Diana Ross on vacation on a beautiful Caribbean island circa 1973. The collection is effortless, lighthearted, and fun, with a modern vintage touch.

What does that consist of? Well, think flirty mini's and chic maxi's and somewhere in between. Also you can't do vintage without vintage jewelry, and so I'm super excited about the limited edition vintage-style bone and brass bracelet I designed for the collection. We're wearing them stacked high to celebrate the excess of the 70's. 

It's all just too fabulous.

Special edition Isy B. bone and brass bracelets designed for the Upon the Seas collection.

Next stop Cayman Fashion Week 2016. See you on the runway!

We'll be channeling our style icons!

Diana Ross - Image credit Harry Langdon - Getty Images http://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/features/g5458/diana-ross-style
Bianca Jagger Image Credit Google Images
Jerry Hall.
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