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The Story of the Isy B. Couture Gown that went to the Grammys

The Story of the Isy B. Couture Gown that went to the Grammys

What to wear to the Grammys? That's a question that so many of us would love to be faced with! My beautiful client was going to be a guest at the 2016 Grammy Awards. The ultra red carpet occasion most definitely demands a gown that is unique and spectacular in every way, and so she commissioned me to create her custom couture gown.

For me, the most beautiful clothes enhance the qualities of the woman who wears them, and that was where I began with developing the concept for the dress. Studying dozens of photographs of my client, I was able to understand a little better who she is - her personality and her style, how she carries herself in her world and of course what shapes best suit her figure. 

As my muse she inspired me to design a gown that would embody those qualities I love in her and amplify them for the rest of the world to see. In her I see grace, femininity, and fairy-like etherealness which masks the heart of a modern warrior Goddess. 

An initial consultation and exchange of ideas aligned both our visions for her red carpet look. During the fabric sourcing expedition in some of the best couture fabric stores in the USA, I was inspired by the idea of gold and sliver feathers. Organic in nature but arranged to form a golden armoured bodice that would be worn by my mythical warrior Goddess-muse. The feathers would softly loosen in the wind and fall away to trail down the flowing skirt. Symbolic of strength giving way to grace.

The spectacular sea-foam colour brought in an element of the Caribbean Sea (we've got to represent on the red carpet!), the tone hand picked to work beautifully on my client’s skin and fortunately turned out to be a colour that she loves.

Fabric sourcing, selection and initial sketches


Once we had her approval of the initial sketches and the fabrics, the couture process of creation began, after taking exact measurements, with the fitting of the first muslin, also known as a toile, by our professionally trained couturier. This was followed by a second fitting in final fabric. Each feather was carefully hand sewn into its place, with custom-made corsetry to give a beautiful line to her figure, and the gown hand finished with similar couture sewing techniques that can be seen in the grand Paris couture houses like Chanel, Dior and Givenchy.

The couture process. Making the initial muslin prototype at the first fitting, elaborate hand constructed corsetry and applique work and the final gown is hand-finished to perfection.

The final result is everything I envisioned and more. I was honoured to be able to hand-deliver the precious gown to her in Los Angeles a few days before the Grammys. The only word to describe her is magnificent. In the gown she embodies everything I wish for Isy B. which has always been to create clothes for women that brings forth their very best selves, and allows their inner and outer strength and beauty to shine and for that I am grateful.

Isn't she lovely?!...A Goddess on the red carpet!



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