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Isy B. Inspirations: Reinventions and New Beginnings

2023 came in with a bang with an amazingly inspirational tour of Colombia with good friends. Colombia is quite possibly the most colorful country I have ever been to and I’m curious to see how all that Colombian colour is going to influence my work as I begin work on the new Isy B. Collection.


It’s funny how the start of each year brings up a sense of urgency to make a fresh start or to reinvent myself. Do you find you have the same urge?

For me, it usually manifests as an urge to jump into action, set goals, make countless resolutions and get right back to business, immediately picking up the weighty to-do lists I happily dropped while traveling.

This year however, in the spirit of personal reinvention, I’ve decided I want to do things differently. Call it a personal revolution in my understanding of what’s important to me.

I’m hitting the pause button and resisting the temptation to rush into setting the usual goals and resolutions (much to the dismay and horror of the part of me that likes to plan everything and have everything “just so”).

isy b in colombia


What would happen if I resisted the urge to try to control and just set a single overriding goal for myself this year? What if my single goal is Peace.

Peace within myself.
Peace with others.
Peace in my work.


What would that look like for my work in Isy B.?

After a few minutes exploring what this could look like in my journal, this is what I came up with:
  • Working at a pace that’s sustainable
  • Allowing myself to flow rather than push
  • Trusting in my creativity, and in my calling and in my ability to fulfill that calling
  • Staying in alignment with who I am
  • Allowing myself enough time
  • Putting my focus on the things and relationships that truly matter to me
  • Saying “no” more often
  • Allowing for grace and serendipity
  • Enjoying myself more
  • Surrounding myself with people who light me up.
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I don’t know about anyone else but to me that feels like a better recipe for an amazing 2023.

How about you, what are you planning to do differently going forward?


What I’m Singing Along to as the Year Starts

Make you Feel My Love - Adele
This is the perfect love song to myself to support myself. It puts me in an amazing frame of mind before I start anything new. Originally written Bob Dylan and covered a whopping 459 times!

What I’m Reading

Designing Your Life: How to build a Well-lived Joyful Life - Bill Burnett & Dave Evans
The title sounded like music to my ears; particular the "well-lived" and "joyful" idea. It’s been great to have a structured way to start to identify what truly matters to me and to bring more of it into my life. It approaches the question from a very logical design and problem solving perspective.


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Join our newsletter to get 10% off with your first online purchase.

BONUS: Get a free Isy B. Beach Vacation Style Guide & printable packing checklist to look fabulous on the beach.