Announcing the Launch of the Isy B Cayman SPF 50 Sun Wrap Dress

Announcing the Launch of the Isy B Cayman SPF 50 Sun Wrap Dress

Announcing the launch of the Isy B Cayman SPF 50 Sun Wrap Dress!

The sun wrap dress journey began as usual inspired by my life in Cayman and by the travels that I love to do.

I challenged myself to create one ready-for-anything piece of clothing that I could wear doing all the things I do when I'm at home AND on vacation including;

  • As a cover-up by the pool, by the beach or while boating
  • As a cute, easy to wear throw on dress while running errands or sight-seeing or traveling
  • As a stylish dress while going out to restaurants night or day

No easy task for one piece of clothing. However, I am so proud that after months of development with my team from prototype to final product, the Sun Wrap Dress is ready to be unveiled.

Drum roll for your most versatile dress ever! We've constructed our dress from the a super luxurious feeling yarn which infused with our breathable, moisture-wicking, SPF 50, and freshness technology. 


The built in SPF 50 protection provides all day UVA and UVB sun protection, blocking 97.5% of UV exposure on your skin and is a non-toxic and environment-friendly treatment. Cover your head, neck, shoulder, chest or ams in the sun, in the most flattering way ever!


Our Sun Lover fabric is lightweight and breathable to keep you cool, and the moisture-wicking technology helps to keep you feeling fresh even on the most humid day.


With at least 7 different ways to wear this piece, feel free to express your personal style! If you come up with a new way that we haven't thought of, then let us know. You'll be able to change up your style and rock a new look wherever you are, and keep it fresh every time.

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