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Isy B Update - TV, Radio, and Getting Ready for Shop Garment District in Phoenix‏

In the last couple of weeks Isy B. has receive more media coverage than it ever has in its history and we are grateful for the support of the media. Since we finally announced our selection as a finalist for emerging designer of the year at Phoenix Fashion Week last week, and story has been covered locally and regionally by major Caribbean publication The Caribbean Journal, locally by the Compass, the Cayman Reporter, iEye News, CayMum, and by Camana Bay.
Last week saw interviews with April Cummings at Radio Cayman with me, and with Ariana, my brilliant Isy B. intern this summer. April always makes interviews easy by asking questions you can't help but engage with, and the radio Cayman interviews went really well, so well that both Ariana and I felt right at home talking about our work together and our individual goals. Catch some of the radio interviews here:
We were also lucky to film a segment for Cayman Life TV, Cayman's premier community TV channel and I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the filming. It was inspiring to watch Eric the cameraman weave a visual story from his head about the Cayman Water Isy B. collection. I'll be using some of that inspiration for the filming of our Isy B. video later this summer.
Finally, I made a guest appearance on Daybreak, the one show that EVERYBODY in Cayman watches. Cayman's breakfast TV chat show. Live TV brings out a little more of the butterflies but then they always disappear when I start to talk about something I love, Isy B.
I also made it to the beach this week. I promised myself some creative time with my toes in the sand, and Spotts Beach is my favorite place to grab some inspiration. I'm starting to prepare for the Shop Garment District event in Phoenix in two weeks. More about that next week.

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