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Beyond the scar Isy B. fashion show

Isy B. Inspirations: The Most Feel-Good Runway Show - Ever!

I love a good runway, and I love it even more when it feels in alignment with the person I aspire to be. 

When Beverly Edginton, Chief Administrator of the Breast Cancer Foundation in the Cayman Islands, asked if I would agree to help with a fundraising runway show featuring breast Cancer thrivers, warriors, and survivors, it was an absolute and resounding yes for me!

The show was the brainchild of The Breast Cancer Foundation administrator Pam Laurenson, who is herself a breast cancer survivor and explained that one of the most complex challenges was feeling the loss of femininity and self-confidence she had experienced while going through her treatment. She had long wanted to create an event like this, not just to raise funds and awareness of the importance of vigilance but also to give these women a chance to feel beautiful, feminine, and special again.

I always wish this for every woman who wears Isy B., so this was right up my street! 

As we began the planning, Beverly pulled together a "dream team". I was assigned the task of coordinating the runway with the gorgeous Lauren, a former model, stylist, and my soul sister in rebellion and self-expression!


Beyond The Scar Fashion Show Isy B.


I first met our 10 models at the first runway rehearsal with the other member of the dream team, Sophie from Centre Pointe Dance Academy, who was going to be our stage manager and train the ladies for the runway. Amid the banter and laughter, I was moved by the courage and strength of these beautiful women warriors and survivors. A collective theme emerged in talking to them individually: they wanted to be seen in their strength.

For me, the question became how to express this in a unique, badass, yet tropical way on a runway featuring 3 very different brands with different styles. 

I split the runway into looks that would follow a woman through her Cayman day: resort wear by Isy B., daywear by Red Sail Sports, and eveningwear by Norma Ebanks.


Beyond the scar fashion show
Beyond the scar fashion show
Beyond the scar fashion show


I had an idea for how to pull most of it together and give it a vibe that would allow the ladies' badassery to shine - bright, beautiful pops of fluorescent / neon accessories trending on runways worldwide this year.

These bright pops of colour could work well with all the looks but also elevate them by giving them a harder edge and a playfully nostalgic 90s vibe. This would work well with the ladies' wishes for a more rebellious expression! They'd asked for dyed blonde hair and neo-punk-lite looks. We could totally have fun with it while still keeping it elegant. 

To make the runway even more special, I pulled in some of my favourite island-based female boss babe founders: my go-to makeup guru, Sonia Sajnani of Stylebar, and a new friend, shoe designer Erika D'Alessio, to provide our acid-coloured footwear, and Robyn Diamond for hair.

Our fantastic team was aligned in wanting to do our best to make our models look and feel their best.

When runway day arrived, we were all super excited. Backstage, the models were understandably nervous against the usual chaos and fun of a runway show. None of them had ever done anything like this. But there was a real sense of solidarity and purpose. The energy was amazing. We were all busy with hair, makeup, styling, r

ehearsing, and last-minute sewing jobs until show time.

Then it was showtime!


Beyond the scar fashion show
Beyond the scar fashion show


The models lined up backstage, ready for their big moment. And what a moment it was!

First was a 30-second video of each model on the massive screen. They introduced themselves and ended with the empowering statement; “I am a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, grandmother, a thrive, a survivor… I am".

Then the model burst onto the stage in all her glory to massive applause and cheering, sashaying and strutting down the runway! Transformed from the shy, uncertain ladies backstage to these powerhouse women who owned the stage.

Let me tell you, there were a lot of tears in the audience, and I cried several times. 

This was the most powerful runway show I have ever experienced! And I felt so privileged to be a part of it.


Beyond the scar fashion show
Beyond the scar fashion show


Backstage, the returning models were greeted with hugs, laughter, and nerve-calming glasses of champagne before their quick change and next appearance.

The feedback from both the models and the audience has been fantastic.

It was magical to see the embodiment of my purpose come to life on that runway. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best things I have ever done.

Beverly's speech reminded us that beauty and strength come from within.

"The models remind us that we can create something beautiful and impactful when we unite."

The show was a true celebration of courage and hope. Our wish is that it brings even greater awareness to the importance of early detection and regular screenings for men and women.

Read the newspaper article for the perspective from the front of the house here!


Beyond the scar fashion show
Beyond the scar fashion show
Beyond the scar fashion show


Images have been kindly provided by Filtrip Visuals, Janet Jarchow and Breast Cancer Foundation Cayman Islands.

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