Isy B. Cayman Launches for Sale in New York With Nineteenth Amendment

Isy B. Cayman Launches for Sale in New York With Nineteenth Amendment

We're fizzing with excitement at Isy B. HQ with the launch of the collection for sale in New York in partnership with Nineteenth Amendment, an innovative made-in-the-USA online marketplace  affiliated with US retailer Macy's. This means Isy B. is now available for sale online!
Nineteenth Amendment partners with fresh, independent fashion designers to enable them to get their collections to a wider audience, and also to manufacture their collections efficiently.  I am delighted that Isy B. has been selected to join Nineteenth Amendment's collective of talented designers and that the latest Isy B. collection is now available online.  

Manhattan based Nineteenth Amendment launched a partnership with US retailer Macy’s September 1, 2015 and through this collaboration the Isy B. line will now be accessible to over 6 million shoppers every month.  This unique collaboration was born through Nineteenth Amendment’s commitment to give talented designers around the world a global platform to launch collections in an efficient and scalable way.  

I am thrilled to be able to offer this collection through Nineteenth Amendment. As an independent fashion designer based in Cayman, it is an added challenge to reach an international audience and to manage  production efficiently in a way that makes financial sense. Nineteenth Amendment is both a retail partner and a manufacturing platform that captures the spirit of my collection, allows to me sell directly to customers globally, and ensures exceptional quality though small-batch manufacturing by master craftspeople 100% in the U.S. This partnership also enables us to continue to remain a Cayman fashion brand while maximising our international reach, and we want to remain true to our Cayman-inspired roots!

Our SS16 “Modern Tribe” collection is inspired by the diversity and natural beauty of the Cayman Islands. This collection celebrates its modern tribe. Cayman's modern tribe has created rich new traditions by drawing from the heritage of all those who have migrated to the islands over the centuries. Taking inspiration from the land and sea, life in Cayman is lived in vibrant colour, from its art, to its architecture, and its people. Cayman is never as absolute as black or white.  Instead it is a spectrum painted with the ideas and dreams of all the global nomads who have added to its cultural melting pot.

The launch of the Isy B. on the website begins with a 19 day pre-sale period during which you will be able to buy your favourite Isy B. pieces at a significant discount.

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