Isy B. Cayman Fashion Night Out at The Ritz Carlton - What's your Fashion Personality?

Isy B. Cayman Fashion Night Out at The Ritz Carlton - What's your Fashion Personality?

What's your fashion personality? When it comes to fashion what does your heart love but what does your head say you need? Which do you listen to? Head or Heart? Those were the questions that we challenged our Cayman fashionistas with at our recent Fashion Night Out at La Boutique at The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman. 

Based on our understanding of the different fashion personalities that we work with here at Isy B HQ, we wanted to have some fun with our guests and also have them experiment with themselves, to see whether their heart or head ruled their fashion choices. When it comes to fashion; are you a Glamourai? A Maverick? A Classicist? A Bohemian?...

We had fun working with our wonderful partners at La Boutique, the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman's premier clothing store to re-arrange the clothing in the store into the different style personality categories. We then invited our guests, armed with glasses of champagne, to let themselves loose and play with the clothing and find their true fashion personality.

Making an impressive display in the centre of La Boutique were over 100 pieces from our Caribbean Colours Collection of cuffs and handbags launching Isy B. accessories for sale at La Boutique.

A few lucky fashionistas got some one-on-one time with our styling team during the evening and went home with beautiful new looks just in time for the Christmas festivities.

Cayman's top fashion blogger and TV show host Lidka from livinlavidlidka was there with her crew to film the event.

Check out the photos from the evening below!

(Images courtesy of JP Walton Photography )