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Bayshore Mall in grand cayman

Cayman Islands Luxury Shopping Guide 2024 for your Island Vacation

Are you planning your long-awaited trip to the Cayman Islands and starting to think about luxurious souvenirs and gifts you'll be taking back home? One of the great things about travel is being able to discover designers and stores you may not find at home. 

Our shopping guide has been approved by Cayman Islands locals and features some insider shopping gems that you might never come across in Grand Cayman. Take a dive with us right into Cayman Islands’ most sumptuous and surprising side - the high-quality luxurious shopping experience. Discover new luxury finds to keep your Caribbean travel memories alive and continue to re-live the luxury of the Cayman Islands when you return home. 

Unique Luxurious Souvenirs and Gifts You Can Buy in the Cayman Islands:


1. Jewelry

Shopping for jewelry on the Islands could get even more exciting especially when you realize that there is no sales tax on the Cayman Islands. he duty-free pricing makes shopping for jewelry on the Islands often cheaper than the US or Europe. If you are wondering if jewelry is cheaper in Grand Cayman, the answer is - yes! Being the largest of the three Cayman Islands and location of the capital - George Town, Grand Cayman is the Cayman Islands jewelry shopping center with  competitive prices and sometimes huge discounts of up to 75% on selected pieces. Insider tip: Remember to negotiate like a local!

Which are the most popular jewelry stores with the visitors of the Cayman Islands?

If you are looking for a luxurious anniversary gift or you just want to surprise a loved one, both Effy Jewelry and Island Jewellers have a wide-range of high quality accessories. Both conveniently located on Grand Cayman, in George Town and in Camana Bay, with extensive luxurious watch and jewelry collections. With a mix of both modern and classic pieces, you’ll be sure to find something you love.

  • Effy Jewelry
  • Island Jewellers
  • Kirk Freeport: This is Cayman’s oldest jewelry store and features luxury brands like Cartier, Rolex, Chopard, Roberto Coin and John Hardy at duty free prices.
  • Balaclava Jewelers: Where locals in the know go when they want something special and even customised. Balaclava works with some of the finest jewelers in the world and offers the highest quality gemstones. 
Effy Jewelry

    Where can I find black coral jewelry in Grand Cayman?  

    Black coral jewelry is another popular luxury souvenir. Lining the streets of George Town in Grand Cayman are a number of local stores offering hand-made black coral jewelry. Be sure to visit the stores located on Cardinal Avenue and on Fort Street. Bernard K. Passman is a well known must-see for Black Coral Jewelry collectors. Although George Town is home to various luxury stores featuring some of the most well-known jewelers in the world, it may be the local jewelers working with black coral jewelry that catch your eye. Carey’s Black Coral Clinic is run by the famous Dr. Carey whose rare handmade black coral jewelry is made from black coral found in Cayman’s waters decades ago before the waters around Cayman were protected. He’s happy to chat and show you around his workshop.

    In the Cayman Islands, you will find luxurious jewelry souvenirs at every price point. Even if your budget is strictly window-shopping only and you end up not buying anything, give yourself the luxury experience and adventure of getting to know the local business owners and listening to their colorful local stories. 


    2. Designer Fashion 

    The Cayman Islands offer a small but beautiful range of malls, stores, and shopping centers where you can find international designer fashion brands at duty free prices. If locally-designed luxury fashion is more your style, local designer Isy B. has some great luxury fashion pieces for you to take home that all your friends will love, and delivery is free.  Shop the Storyteller collections from the Cayman Islands’ multi-award winning luxury fashion brand. Each designer fashion piece is inspired by original island folktales and comes with an island audio story. Take a look at our Storyteller Collection to find your go-to luxury resort wear piece to look your most stunning for your upcoming vacation.

    You can also shop pieces from the local designer at your hotel boutique store.

    Is there a Louis Vuitton store in Grand Cayman?

    Even though there is not an official Louis Vuitton store or outlet on the Cayman Islands, some boutiques such as Camana Bay offer their products. 

    Is there a Chanel store in Grand Cayman?

    There is no Chanel store in Grand Cayman offering designer apparel. However, some other retail stores offer Chanel watches, jewelry and cosmetics.

    Is there a Dolce & Gabbana store in Grand Cayman?

    Dolce & Gabbana just opened a stunning new store at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman in 2024. The exclusive boutique offers a curated selection of luxury Italian fashion and homeware.


    Where are the best places to shop for designer fashion in Grand Cayman?

    There are plenty of places to shop designer fashion in Grand Cayman. A new addition into the list of luxurious designer boutiques is LXL, situated in George Town, Grand Cayman. There you will be able to find women's fashion as well as high-quality jewelry. Check out the list below for more designer fashion boutiques in Grand Cayman that are famous with both the locals and tourists.

    Luxury Shopping for designer fashion on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman:

    1. Kassette Cayman at the new Hotel Indigo
    2. The Spa Boutique at the Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa
    3. The Mercantile at Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort
    4. Fifth on Seventh by NKY

    Luxury Shopping for designer fashion in Camana Bay, Grand Cayman:

    1. Sand Angels
    2. NKY Collections
    isy b at sand angels

    3. Rum

    The Cayman Islands rums are widely considered some of the most innovative in the Caribbean. Try some of the rums at a rum tasting held at the only rum distillery in George Town, Cayman Spirits Company Distillery.  The local producers and real rum lovers have put their heart into the making of the liquor using locally produced ingredients, including rum that is aged at the bottom of the Caribbean sea. If your palate prefers the more unusual tastes, we’ve got you covered - there is coconut and banana flavored rum, or even the world famous rum cake made by the Tortuga Rum factory baked fresh everyday. Did you know that they can package and send your rum cakes directly to friends and family in any part of the world? Now, that’s a great souvenir. It’s a great surprise in the mail, and you don’t have to carry it with you!

    Which rum brand is made in the Cayman Islands?

    Seven Fathoms, Big Black and Tortuga rum are all locally made in the Cayman Islands. 

    Where can I buy Cayman Islands rum brands?

    There are many places that you can buy rum from while you are in the Islands. However, the most popular places for finding Cayman rum are Tortuga Rum and Rum Cake Factory and Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits.


    4. Antiques

    Grand Cayman is home to an incredible collection of antiques that are unique to this island and have a deep history dating back even to colonial times. Grand Cayman's antique shops give you plenty of opportunities to find something with a great history behind it to bring back home. Some of the artifacts that you can find on the Islands are shipwreck treasures such as coins, which are sold as jewelry or for collection purposes. If you have an interest in historical antiques there are authentic 100-old maps, prints, china and paintings that you won’t find anywhere else. Make sure to stop in at Artifacts on the George Town waterfront, it’s historical treasure trove feels like walking into a time machine.


    5. Artwork

    What better way to remember your beach vacation than having a painting of one of Grand Cayman’s picturesque beaches on your wall or by supporting one of the local talented Cayman islands artists? Even though the price of original art can be quite steep, if your budget allows it, it’s totally worth it to have unique artwork as a memory of the rich culture and traditions of the Islands. You can also find cheaper and more affordable giclee reproductions of original artwork. 

    Most of the art galleries in the Cayman Islands offer artwork of a variety of local artists with a range of different styles and techniques that will satisfy  even the most discerning tastes. Our local insider tip is to check out the beautiful art gallery space at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman. It’s a little known secret because most people don’t know that it's free to the public, not just to Ritz Carlton guests and you can buy all the local art you see on the walls from  internationally acclaimed local artist  Dredy with his fun, humorous slice of life artwork to the vibrantly colourful works of Renate Seffer, all of which can be easily shipped back home for you. 

    Best places in Grand Cayman for luxury shopping

    The best places for shopping luxury goods in Grand Cayman are in George Town, along the newly pedestrianized area next to the port. Don't forget to also check out also the luxury shopping in Camana Bay, and inside the luxury resorts. Our favourite luxury store boutiques are at the Kimpton Seafire,  the Grand Cayman Marriott and The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman, you’ll find Isy B. at their luxury resort stores. 

    In the Bayshore Mall, located along the George Town port area, you’ll find Kirk Freeport. With its 50-year history, Kirk Freeport is the largest independent duty-free enterprise on the Islands, offering luxury jewelry, watches, fragrances, and accessories. They have the widest variety of luxury duty free goods in the Caribbean. The flagship store, Kirk Freeport at Bayshore Mall in George Town is one of the best places to find popular luxury brands such as Cartier, Swatch, Swarovski, Rolex and more. Other luxury goods that you can shop at Bayshore Mall are a variety of lingerie and cosmetics. 

    Bayshore Mall in grand cayman

    We hope that the tips in our Cayman Islands luxury shopping guide will provide some useful tips when you’re planning your trip to the Cayman Islands. Of course, the powder soft beaches are quite rightly the biggest attraction in the Cayman Islands but the opportunities for having an amazing luxurious holiday don’t stop there. 

    Insiders know that with its tax free status, the Cayman Islands offer some of the most competitive prices for luxury shopping with discounts of up to 75% off especially on duty free items. While on your Cayman  Islands vacation, if you can tear yourself away from the beaches, you’ll discover a small, but fabulous world of high-end luxury shopping in the Cayman Islands. 


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    BONUS: Get a free Isy B. Beach Vacation Style Guide & printable packing checklist to look fabulous on the beach.