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Best Travel Clothes For Women That Are Elegant and Comfy

It's true that the journey is not just about the destination. It's also about living every moment fully. We've found that taking a little time to curate your travel wardrobe beforehand can add to your enjoyment of your trip by ensuring that you're prepared for any adventure or opportunity that presents itself. 

Putting together a travel wardrobe that can seamlessly blend elegance and comfort, and be versatile, especially in today's world of baggage restrictions is an art form that every seasoned traveller aspires to master.

In this article, we delve into the art of elegant travel, guiding you through a selection of 10 stylish travel clothing pieces that will add a new level of versatility to your travel wardrobe and help you find the perfect balance between sophistication and ease.

Kimono: An Elegant Multi-Use Piece For Style and Comfort 

We love a kimono for its elegant versatility. Use it as a pool or beach cover-up, a layering piece, or as a jacket over your outfit for chilly nights. Throw it on for lounging wherever you are and it can even level up a simple top and pants, or cocktail dress beautifully. This lightweight garment takes up little packing room but also adds an air of refinement to any vacation outfit. And let's not forget how amazing it looks in pictures!

Wide-Leg Pants: The Best Pants for Travelling

Wide-leg pants are a timeless and elegant addition to your travel wardrobe. Their comfortable fit allows you to explore and move freely with ease. This also makes them a great choice for airports and longer flights.

Kaftan: Effortlessness in a Single Garment

What we love about a great kaftan is that it is a one-and-done travel outfit. Dress it up with heels for the evening, or wear it as a top or tunic over pants. During the day, dress it down with flats or throw it on over swimwear. The flowing silhouette always adds a touch of glamour and is comfortable to wear in warmer climates.

A Scarf: Versatility and Sophistication in One

A scarf isn't just an accessory; think of it as a transformative element that can breathe new life into any outfit. Worn around your neck, draped over your shoulder, or even just tied to your tote, a scarf adds a touch of elegance to your travel wardrobe. An oversized scarf becomes an entire wardrobe in its own right. Just look at Pinterest for the multiplicity of ways that one large scarf can be transformed into a top, a dress, or even a skirt. This is one staple that is a must-have in your travel capsule wardrobe. 

Midi Skirt: Versatile Chic in Motion

A midi skirt is a length we find most practical for travel, it's also useful to have at least one skirt for those occasions when something more feminine is called for. The midi skirt length typically falls between the knee and the calf allowing ease of movement while still providing coverage. Again, it's a versatile piece that can be worn casually with a T-shirt and sneakers or dressed up with a simple top, wedge heels or fancy flats, and some fun jewellery. Choose a solid colour or a very simple pattern for the greatest versatility.

Wide-Brim Hat: Protection From the Sun With Style

An elegant wide-brim hat is a practical accessory that doubles as a fashion statement. Whether you're strolling along sunny streets or relaxing on pristine beaches, this chic addition not only offers sun protection but the right hat also elevates your overall outfit. Invest in a packable wide-brim hat that can travel anywhere. We love the rollable hats from Eric Javits!

Tote Bag: The Carry It All Elegant Travel Accessory

Perfect for carrying all your essentials, and adding a dash of flair to your outfit. A good tote bag is also a great choice for your carry-on to save luggage space.

Simple Top: A Flattering Bridge Piece

In the world of elegant travel, simplicity is key and a well-fitting simple top is the foundation of numerous travel outfits. Its adaptability allows you to effortlessly bridge the other pieces in your capsule wardrobe to create both casual and more polished looks, making it an essential component of your travel wardrobe. Choose black or white or plain neutral colours to make sure your tops will work with as many pieces in your suitcase as possible.

Leather Sandals: Timeless Footwear for Every Terrain

Your footwear should be as adaptable as your journey. The right leather sandals are stylish, cool and comfortable for walking and exploring. These enduring classics can also complement a range of outfits and take you easily from day to night.


Mastering the Art of the Elegant Travel Wardrobe: A Comprehensive Guide 

The essence of the elegant travel wardrobe is knowing that you are ready for anything the world offers you. It's curating the right individual pieces which in combination allow you maximum versatility, creativity, and fun. As a result, the sum of the whole will be greater than its individual parts to quote Aristotle. 

Mastering this art allows you to travel with confidence, knowing that your wardrobe can carry you through any adventure that lies ahead, you can be more spontaneous, more creative, and better dressed while packing less.

The Perfect Travel Outfit - Key Elements

Here's our list of key elements for creating the perfect travel outfit that balances comfort and elegance:

  • Comfortable Bottoms: Travel-friendly pants for ease of movement.
  • Versatile Tops: Lightweight top that can be layered.
  • Layering Pieces: Cardigan, lightweight jacket kimono, and/or scarf for changing temperatures.
  • Comfortable Shoes: Practical yet stylish footwear that works for different circumstances. Sneakers and leather sandals are our go-tos.
  • Tote Bag: Secure and big enough to fit all of your essentials.
  • Convertible Clothing: We love multi-wear pieces
  • Jewellery: Fun pieces you love to enhance or change up your look.
  • Weather Considerations: Plan for the destination's climate.

Building Your Stylish Travel Wardrobe

  • Consider Some Wrinkle-Free Travel ClothesIntegrate some wrinkle-free travel clothes into your elegant travel wardrobe to ensure you look polished. These garments enable efficient packing, save time on ironing, and allow you to effortlessly transition between various occasions. Pack a mix of fabrics for maximum versatility for example fabrics with some stretch are less likely to wrinkle as are polyester fabrics so make sure to include some of these in your packing.
  • Packable Travel Clothes - Incorporating packable travel clothes into your elegant travel wardrobe offers the advantage of optimising space and convenience. Their ability to fold down to a small size also means you can bring a variety of outfit options while adhering to baggage restrictions. Such items include lightweight dresses that roll up compactly, or thin cover-ups that easily fit into your travel bag. 
  • Travel Clothes Sets - Think in sets as you pack rather than in individual pieces. Coordinated sets offer endless mix-and-match possibilities, and minimise the stress of outfit planning. 

Tips for Packing and Styling

  • Plan Versatile OutfitsChoose pieces that can be mixed and matched easily, creating multiple outfits from fewer pieces and maximising your wardrobe's potential. It makes life so much easier. Easily mixed and matched pieces also allow for greater spontaneity and creativity and less thinking time leaving you with more time to explore and actually enjoy your vacation without worrying about clothes!
  • Coordinate AccessoriesPack a few key accessories like statement jewellery, scarves, and belts that can transform your outfits, adding a touch of elegance without taking up much space.
  • Learn to Love Packing CubesUse packing cubes to organise your clothes by category, making it easier to locate specific items and ensuring your elegant pieces remain wrinkle-free.
  • Layer SmartlyGreat layering pieces allow you to adapt to different temperatures and occasions while adding depth and sophistication to your outfits. Think cardigans, jackets, kimonos, or scarves.


Need Perfect Travel Outfit Ideas?

Here's some inspiration we love:



FAQs About Comfortable Travel Clothes

What is the best clothing to wear when travelling? 

The best clothing to wear when travelling combines comfort, style, and practicality. Opt for versatile pieces like well-fitting pants, breathable tops, and lightweight outerwear to adapt to changing temperatures. Choose comfortable shoes suitable for walking, and consider accessories like scarves or hats for added style and functionality. Select fabrics that resist wrinkles and pack easily, and stick to a colour palette that allows for mix-and-match versatility. Ultimately, prioritise clothing that allows you to move freely and feel confident while exploring.

What is the best outfit to fly in for women? 

The best outfit to fly in for women should primarily be comfortable. Consider wearing leggings or comfortable pants, a breathable top, and a cosy cardigan or jacket for layering. Choose slip-on sandals or sneakers for ease during security checks and potential long walks in the airport. Don't forget to bring socks for added comfort, and minimise jewellery to avoid extra hassle during security screening. Lastly, a scarf or shawl can provide warmth and versatility, doubling as an accessory or blanket during the flight.

How do I dress nicely while travelling? 

Introduce a touch of elegance to your clothing by adding accessories you love such as a statement bag, a beautiful scarf, or some fun jewellery. Choose clothes that fit well on you but above all make sure you feel comfortable. Clothing made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics can help to maintain a polished look while travelling. 

Pack versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched easily, creating various outfits within a limited wardrobe. 

Overall, try to aim for a cohesive wardrobe, this means travelling with clothes that will work well together with other clothes in your wardrobe. Have fun with your clothes, you're on vacation! There's no better time to experiment with your personal style!

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